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By selecting a modular laneway home from Laneway House Vancouver, you can obtain a stronger, better quality and well-designed home in half the cost and time you would spend on other house building contracts.

Our goal is to ensure less labor, minimum site waste and an environmentally-friendly constructed laneway house that blends perfectly with your house and neighborhood. By using green construction techniques, we try to keep the neighborhood the least disturbed.

The entire process is achieved without compromising the quality of material and construction. Our modular construction is rain screened and earthquake-proof.

Customized Service

We build laneway houses that are compatible to your budget and requirements. Because of our modular house construction, we are able to finish the project in 60% faster compared to traditional construction techniques- saving you time, material and labor financing.

Maximize Rental Income

Today, majority of the laneway house construction is targeted towards generating a side income by renting the space. What multiplies the value of your space is the fine design and construction. Not only are we going to finish the process in minimum timeframe, but also ensure that the design of your house boosts the rental cost you can charge for it. The environmentally pleasing built would prevent seasonal hindrance, while increasing the value of your laneway home.

Faster With Better Quality

We are fast, but that does not compromise the quality. The high quality material we use goes on for a long time. The installation process takes less than a day, covering the entire landscaping. Contact us to get a quotation of your Vancouver laneway house construction.

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