Modular construction

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Why you need a modular construction?

Traditional construction refers to site-built or stick built- which basically means to assemble the pieces of lumber cut and gathered together to make roof trusses and walls. This is assembled and sheathed with the use of plywood on the drywall of interior and exterior- with a finishing of clapboard, shingles, stucco or brick.

Because of an overwhelming demand of constructing houses in the Mainland, the construction during humid and rainy weather risks the quality of the materials used, which puts integrity and quality of the wood used into question. This causes problems with the warping of materials and black mold. Today, Vancouver faces a shortage of experienced labor, which plagues the construction sites. Resultantly, there is more waste and higher cost.

Modular Construction

On the other hand, modular laneway homes are designed in a controlled environment which promises to deliver 90% safer and season friendly construction. The climatic control interior construction prevents the weather related issues including damage caused by rain, black mold, snow, UV rays, and wind. The framing is not going to be exposed to the rainfall, which prevents swelling and warping of the material.

At Laneway house Vancouver, we design and built houses that are able to withstand the climatic changes. As a result, the level/plum and overall structure of the space is less vulnerable to cracks and settlings. A part of the building process covers gluing and screwing drywall and sheathing the strength of the foundation.

This creates a stronger building which is stronger, resistant to climatic changes, cost less and is overall a better option compared to the traditional building which encourages more waste and cost. At Laneway house cost would be less, and the design and plan would be more effective compared to other construction projects.

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