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Laneway House Vancouver Construction Process

Our Laneway house Vancouver construction process includes the following process:

1. Cost and Contract

After completing your laneway house design and issuing the building permit, we will submit to you a draft of the final cost of the entire contract without any hidden charges. The cost would also cover site inspection, drawings, and list of allowances

2. Design

We can design a customized service for you. We know that every house is different, and every client has a different budget. The design and development of your laneway home requires careful attention to every single detail which maximizes utility of the space. With years of experience, we master at making use of each and every inch, and we fight for every tooth and nail through a strategic application of complex design practices. We discuss your design goals, and ensure that we bring to life your imagination of a laneway home.

Our interior designers and architects pay heed to the environmental changes at each step. We separate unnecessary materials during the excavation and demolition process. We also reuse and recycle the material that could be utilized which saves you additional cost of material and labor.

By designing for you a customized laneway home plan, we make your investment worthwhile. If you are planning to cash on your space by renting it, it is necessary that the design of the house is appealing to customers. This would not only bring you a higher rent but would also multiply the value of your entire space.

3. Construction

Once the cost and design is approved, you will sit and watch while our engineers would shape your laneway house. Our effective construction methods meet the best of the markets construction systems. Our management of the process will be clean, disciplined well according to the plan. During the process, Laneway House Vancouver would ensure that the neighborhood is not disturbed by the process. Contact us to get a quote.

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