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About Us

At Laneway house Vancouver, homes are designed functionally to ensure openness, efficiencies and excess of light. Our expert team of designers ensure a comfortable living in an environment that is aesthetically pleasing. We build a coach house or lane home that suites your needs. We believe that our high quality and professionally built laneway house design would be completed in the required period of time as well as within your budget. Laneway House Vancouver gives you a milestone framework supports a flexible way to back the build.


Our Mission

At Laneway House Vancouver, our mission is to build a new place on the current structure, like a garage or a carport. Lane homes are an effective solutions for growing families that require more space for grandparents, children or servants. It can also support in generating side income through rental revenue, while offering an affordable and simple solution to the growing housing market and population of Vancouver.

Our aim is to design a fully functional space that is not only comfortable to live but also aesthetically pleasing. We focus on the minor details and small touches that make all the difference. Building a new laneway home can fit into your budget. Our service saves you money and time.

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